Sep 10

res-vdx Currently I am busy building an proof of concept environment while designing an appliance pc. This type of workstation will be used for applications that need specific local hardware on the workstation. We want to see if RES VDX can provide the functionality to make the software that is installed and running on the appliance pc accesVDX-menusible within the Citrix XenApp session. RES VDX is most commonly used in combination with RES Workspace Manager.


The customer I am currently working for is not using RES Workspace Manager, but they do want to make use of the functionality that RES Software provide in there RES VDX product.

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Aug 21

res-vdx For a customer I’ve been asked to design a workstation with RES Virtual Desktop Extender (RES VDX) installed to deliver some problem applications in a proof of concept.

I am going to use RES VDX 2014 for my POC.

This customer is using Citrix XenApp 6.5 to deliver a published desktop. The user start menu is managed by the Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent. So all the start menu items are published applications.

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Aug 11

LD0001467786_1 My lab environment runs on Windows 2012 R2 Core, with Hyper-V installed. It runs smoothly. When I need to manage the environment I can do the most common task right there on the prompt.

But with Microsoft pushing everyone to use PowerShell I don’t understand why Windows Core start with a normal prompt instead of a PowerShell prompt.

In this article I will describe how you can change the prompt that is launched when Windows Core boots from CMD to PowerShell.

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Jul 01

It’s pretty annoying if you have a fresh Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 installation installed on your computer, and you get those orange help tip arrows on the side of your screen and you can’t get rid of them.
Microsoft has enabled the tablet help tips by default, and you simply can’t remove them using your mouse.

To help you with this, you can use one of the following solutions to disable these help tips.

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Jul 01

If you run a Microsoft Exchange 2013 environment you may have noticed that the disk space will fill up with logging data.

Microsoft told us that this is by design. But what if you don’t want to enable all this logging? It also cost you performance… right?
This is what I did to disable the logging and win some disk space and performance back.

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Jun 12

This week a customer had some problems with an application. The application was partly web based, uses an Office plugin and integration with the Windows Explorer.
Normally I would say that it shouldn’t be a problem.
But the nasty thing about this application was that the application was not supported within a multiuser environment.
The application checks if a specific process exists in the task list, and if so it continues with his tasks and doesn’t start the process for every single user.
Okay, starting that specific process at logon for every user could be a solution.
In my case that worked for a little while, because the process will stop after some idle time and then you’re in the same situation as we started with.
So I created a small Visual Basic script that will check if a process is running in the user session and if not it will start the process.
The script will check for the running process every 30 seconds.
Why Visual Basic and not in PowerShell scripting? Simple.. Because users running PowerShell scripts was not permitted in the customer’s environment, and wscript can run in the background.

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Jun 10

Screenshot 2014-06-10 13.30.13 Because my main workstation is a MacBook pro, I use a Windows 8.1 virtual machine for most of my PowerShell coding work or I connect via RDP to my management server. But sometimes I want to quickly edit a script to send it to a coworker or friend. It is possible to edit a PowerShell script in any text editor that is available. But for PowerShell coding it handy if your editor is PowerShell language aware.

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Jun 06

For a Windows XP migration project to Windows 7, we were migrating VMWare Thinapp applications to Microsoft App-V applications. Most of the time, we’d use App-V 5.0 SP1 to build the sequence. However, there were some applications that made the App-V Sequencer become unresponsive during the monitoring process, as seen below.


To solve this, we used the App-V 5.0 SP2 Sequencer for those applications.

After the project was over, the customer obviously wanted to know which applications were done with SP2. I’ll be really honest here and say that we forgot to keep track of that. I took the issue upon myself and said I’d find out, while thinking “It should somehow be possible with PowerShell.”

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May 28


Last week I had the pleasure to attend BriForum 2014 in London. BriForum is an IT conference with a focus on Server Based Computing and Virtualization in the broadest way. BriForum 2014 London is the 15th BriForum edition in 10 years. It is my second BriForum. I’ve first attended BriForum in 2008 in Chicago IL.

Tuesday may 20th is the first day of BriForum in London. The location is nice, with enough room to host this event, and nearby the London Underground. Here is an overview of the presentation I found the most interesting, and remember this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Opening keynote by Brian Madden.
Brian talks about the state of the industry, and of course about the fact that this the 15th BriForum event in 10 years time.


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May 27

If you are using RES Workspace Manager 2012 and you download for a PDF file from the internet and you choose to save the file, the. (dot) will be replaced by a _(underscore).

See the following screenshot:


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