Jan 07

Since the initial community release of SFGuru Explorer for Citrix ShareFile on 25-10-2014 we (Daniel Nikolic / Rink Spies) have been busy developing the application. Every time when we detect repeating, or labor intensive tasks within our ShareFile support team we try to improve the job by integrating an optimized task in SFGuru Explorer. Currently we have lots of ideas and beta versions which we need to do some further testing on, but before releasing these features we want to be 100% sure everything runs stable. While all the coding and testing needs to be done in our spare time it could take some time before we can release all new features.

Meanwhile we made some great improvements, which have been fully tested. Improvements of which we are proud :) We decided to add all the tested features to a interim release, which will be released as SFGuru Explorer version 1.2!

So lets’s start with the new features we added:

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Dec 27

Recently I was asked to build a wes7 (Windows Embedded Standard 7) image with VMware view client for a HP T5740 2GB model. This request did bring some interesting problems to the table like:

  • How to get WES7 on a 2GB flash drive
  • How to import the correct drivers to the image during install
  • How to install VMware view client
  • How to enable EWF (Enhanced Write Filter) on the T5740

But first things first lets install WES7 on a 2gb flash drive.

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Dec 18

Puppet Essentials by Felix Frank

This book is a very good read for people with absolutely no Puppet experience.
You will learn all the basics of Puppet and at the end of the book you can even write your own (basic+) puppet modules.

Puppet Essentials starts with an introduction about the basic elements of Puppet.
This introduction will give you a very good impression about the power of Puppet and what it can do for your infrastructure.
Easy readable examples are making it easy to learn how to create your own modules.

All examples within the book can be downloaded, so even when you’re not familiar with programming you can jump start your Puppet experience ;-)

you can buy the book over here


Nov 28

This blog describes how to install vCenter Server 5.1 with SSO (Single-Sign-On) 5.5

In my case, it’s not possible to upgrade to vCenter Server 5.5 because of the fact that the vendor doesn’t support a higher version (yet).

SSO 5.1 (and i will say it very nice) is not the best product VMware has ever made.
It has several bugs and is not very stable.
But VMware made a more stable version for 5.5, and i recommend everyone to use that version.

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Nov 10

I’ve read a lot about using Lync 2013 with Lync VDI plugin for offloading video and audio, but how to configure it and how it really works is a little bit hazy in my opinion.

This blog describes how the Lync VDI plugin works and how to configure it on a domain joined computer and a standalone computer.

First let’s start with the download… you can find the 32-bit version here and the 64-bit version here.
note: when you have a Microsoft Office version installed on your client, you have to match the VDI plugin with the Office version, so a 64-bit version of Office requires a 64-bit version of the VDI plugin. When no Office version is installed, it’s recommended to use the 32-bit version.
When using Receiver you have to use 32-bit VDI plugin, that requires you to remove 64-bit office versions.

The VDI plugin setup is a next, next, finish installation, so this doesn’t require additional help.

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Nov 07

This blog is about the usage of a Windows Server 2012R2 boot.wim file to create a 2012R2 capture boot image.

When you use Windows Deployment Services and use the boot.wim from the installation DVD, you’ll get the stop error 0xc000000f
Indicating that \Windows\System32\boot\winload.exe could not be loaded.

Microsoft doesn’t have a fix or solution released for it now, but if you follow this workaround you’ll get a perfectly working 2012R2 capture image.

- logon to your WDS server.
- start a command box
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Nov 04

In Citrix delivery services console we had many sessions in a down state. After a gracefull logoff the session remains active. Logoff/reset isn’t possible. Al sessions had the same process csrss.exe running.
Csrss.exe is a system process that must running in every session. Normally csrss.exe is killed by logoff. So what causes the process remains open?

Down Sessions 210814


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Oct 26

The last couple days i shared what happened at the E2E virtualization conference in Barcelona.

This blog is about final day of the E2EVC.

We started the morning with a session with our E2EVC grandfather Carl Webster (@carlwebster) and Iain Brighton (@iainbrighton) about the great scripts Carl wrote to easily document your environment.
How they are working on improving the scripts with more performance so the scripts will collect and create the reports much faster.
They also work on a script template which you can use to easily create your own documentation script with the same slick output as Webster’s scripts have. Also the output of the script will be modified as there is now only a way to export it to Microsoft Word or PDF, but the future version will let you export to XML or plain text if you need to.
Iain and some other guys from the community are teaching Carl in how Carl can improve his programming skills to create better and faster scripts.
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Oct 25

In the next couple days i will share what happens at the E2E virtualization conference in Barcelona.

This blog is about day 2 of the E2EVC.

The day started with a presentation about the HP Moonshot presented by Carl Webster (@carlwebster)
The HP moonshot is new technology from HP and it’s like having about 180 physical client machines in a box.
A client will have the power and feeling of a thick client, but the hardware is not on his desk but somewhere else. Continue reading »

Oct 24

In the next couple days i will share what happens at the E2E virtualization conference in Barcelona.

This blog is about day 1 of the E2EVC.

The first day of E2EVC starts with some announcements.
One of the great announcements was that Carl Webster is now an official E2EVC grandfather. Continue reading »