Aug 06

Adding SSL certificates on the NetScaler

Esther BarthelComments Off on Adding SSL certificates on the NetScaler

Note: This blogpost is also posted on my personal blog.

There are a lot of different certificate file formats that can be involved in a SSL certificate implementation as explained in my previous blogpost. This blogpost focused on the different methods to create and import these files onto the Citrix NetScaler and showing you how to assign the right SSL certificate to your virtual server for load balancing or gateway services. You can read all about the different certificate (and certificate archives) file formats in my previous post.

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Jul 30

E-mail stuck in Outbox (Outlook 2010)

Michael LammersComments Off on E-mail stuck in Outbox (Outlook 2010)

Recently I had to deal with a Microsoft Outlook 2010 Outbox problem. The e-mail I send as another person was stuck in the outbox and I could wait forever before the email was send. The company had Microsoft Exchange 2010 running.

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Jul 23

SSL Certificates Explained

Esther BarthelComments Off on SSL Certificates Explained

Note: This blogpost is also posted on my personal blog.

Using SSL certificates to secure website communications is more and more a standard procedure. Even internal websites are relying more and more on public or private PKI infrastructure and Certificate Authorities. And as each certificate is only valid for a limited period of time, you’ll find yourself renewing more and more certificates on a yearly basis. So let’s check out the different file extensions we are facing when working with certificates.
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Jun 19

When you’re using HP OneView to manage your HP hardware (virtual connect etc.) you can manually create a backup by using the web interface.
Because that would be a to intensive process to do that on daily or weekly base.

That’s why i created this HP OneView Appliance backup script that uses the Rest API to create a backup and then download it from the appliance.
The script also can archive older backups, to keep everything clean ;).

Please email me when you have any question or suggestion.

Save the script as Oneview-backup.ps1 and run it once (per host) to provide the password which will be saved encrypted.

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May 20

Set BIOS NUMLOCK state at “on” HP clients

Teun de BoerComments Off on Set BIOS NUMLOCK state at “on” HP clients


The NumLock state was “off” when powering on a HP client. This setting should be set to ‘on’

for more than 700 HP clients.


Download the latest version of HP BIOS Configuration Utility,

Install the package on a computer. By default it’s installed in this folder:

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Mar 20

Where did QFARM go in Xenapp 7.5, 7.6?

Martin LigtvoetComments Off on Where did QFARM go in Xenapp 7.5, 7.6?

During the management of a xenapp 7 x environment I wanted a qfarm overview. I found out that this command no longer works. Why not?

This is because Xenapp 7.x uses the FMA protocol instead of the old IMA protocol.

How do I go to my qfarm overview?

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Mar 13

Book review: Learning Ansible

Hendricus KramerComments Off on Book review: Learning Ansible

Learning Ansible

If you’re not (yet) familiar with Ansible or you just started your Ansible journey, this book is a great startup.
Ansible is all about automation and provisioning of servers.
You create and define a desired state (from a configuration perspective) and Ansible will provision the server exactly like you want to.
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Feb 26

Automated USB wim deployment

Stef DriessenComments Off on Automated USB wim deployment

For a customer I was asked to create a easy way to deploy  images to thin clients and thin pc’s. The preference was to use a USB stick as network was not a option.

This brought a number of challenges that I will discuss in this blog.

Fase 1 -  Create the WinPE Usb stick
Fase 2 – Add the needed packages to the USB stick
Fase 3 – Get and prepare the WIM file
Fase 4 – Give WinPE Menu options to choose from
Fase 5 – Deploying the WIM
Fase 6 – Renaming the deployed computer
Fase 7 -  Recreate the BCD
Fase 8 – Re enable the write filter

Before we can start, we need a bootable USB stick with WinPE.
To create this we need a deployment server preferable with Windows server 2012.

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Feb 05

Lync 2013 Full client installation using a MSP

Hendricus KramerComments Off on Lync 2013 Full client installation using a MSP

This blog is about the installation of the Lync 2013 Full client (part of the Office 2013 installation).

– Introduction
– Using OCT
– OCT/MSP bugs and fixes (Lync only installation problem)


When you want to install the full version of Lync 2013 client instead of the Lync basic client version, you have to use the Office 2013 installation media.
This is because the Lync Full client is now part of the Office suite and therefore not available as separate installation anymore, as it used to be.

Because there are enough reasons to not upgrade the whole office suite to version 2013, you have to create an MSP file with OCT (Microsoft Office Customization Tool).
For the most IT professionals the OCT isn’t new, but for those who are new to OCT i will explain the basics of it.

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Feb 03

Adobe Issues: Checkout sharepoint message and problems with saving pdf files from outlook

Martin LigtvoetComments Off on Adobe Issues: Checkout sharepoint message and problems with saving pdf files from outlook

In our environment we had several security issues after an upgrade from Adobe reader from 10 to 11.

One of these was that users were given a check-out message when they open a PDF file from our SharePoint environment . The following screen appeared. Where if you don’t watch out and click to fast you will check out the file instead of opening it.

Adobe checkout1


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