Apr 09

download In this article I want to talk about managing a SQL 2012 Server with PowerShell from a remote computer. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog post PowerShell is becoming more and more important in the day to day task of a system administrator.

As my main work machine is a MacBook I perform my PowerShell from within a virtual machine. This virtual machine runs Windows 8.1.
I am using PowerShell ISE as scripting application. It is a simple scripting tool but it does everything I need at this time to make my PowerShell work easy.

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Mar 24



The atmosphere


This year the DuCUG Took place at the Dell Office in Amsterdam. The weather was great, the lunch was well cared for and the tickets were sold out. So it couldn’t be better. I experienced it as a tremendous day with a lot of informative sessions. In this article I will share my highlights of the day.

GPU-accelerated high-end graphics performance in Citrix XenServer / XenDesktop environments by Benny Tritch

GPU-accelerated high-end graphics performance in Citrix XenServer / XenDesktop environments This session was presented by Benny Tritsch (Chief Technology Officer with bluecue consulting). Benny has been working closely with Shaw Bass on testing the new GPU support of Citrix XenServer. Benny presented the possibilities between using different GPU Accelerating solutions on VDI environments. He showed us different example-movies and unbelievable results with these various examples. Some examples even showed better performance on your virtual desktop then a local computer. Read more at Benny’s own website.

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Mar 24

When employees from your organization reports that the address book from Office Communicator is not synchronized after they log on to the application, then you can follow the instructions in the  blog to resolve this issue.

Each day at 1:30 AM the Office Communication Server synchronize the address book. (Default configuration).
If there goes something wrong with the synchronization or maybe you have a corrupt Galcontacts.db file in your user folder, this problem may occur .
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Mar 12


If you follow my blogs you should know by now that I am a big fan of PowerShell. I really like working on the command line and with scripts. 

I am very happy to see more and more Windows based software vendors that are including PowerShell cmdlets.

Recently I found a PowerShell Admin tool from the company Sapien. An PowerShell tool for the iPad. I’ve got to try this.

On the left you see the main application screen with Windows 8.x like tiles. The screenshot on the right is what you see when you tab on the Cmdlets tile.

IMG_0357 IMG_0362

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Mar 12

Screenshot 2014-03-06 22.09.07 There are many PowerShell editors out there on the Internet, varying from commercial products to good old Notepad. When I am creating a PowerShell script I like to use Windows PowerShell ISE editor. The Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment is the default  editor for Windows PowerShell. In Windows PowerShell ISE, you can run commands and write, test, and debug scripts. Included features are, tab completion, syntax coloring, selective execution, and context-sensitive help. It is al ready installed on most of Windows versions and it has al the features I like use when writing a PowerShell script. One of the most important features is the intellisense feature that auto complete the commands as you are typing them.

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Feb 10

Win2012R2_Logo Recently I was recreating my lab environment. At first I used Citrix XenServer on my lab server, a HP DL380, but now I want move to Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V. I want to make the best use of the available hardware resources, and I like working on the command line and PowerShell, so I’ve installed Windows 2012 R2 Core. After the installation is finished you are presented with nothing but a small black command line box. image

  To help you with the basic configuration of your Windows 2012 R2 Core installation Microsoft provides a small toolkit to get you up on your feet and running. This tool is called sconfig. This tool will let you perform some basic server configuration tasks.image Continue reading »

Feb 03

image Today RES Software releases not only a new product that is called RES IT Store, but it also releases a whole Suite that will fully integrate with the RES IT Store.

In this Suite we find, besides the IT Store, RES Automation Manager 2014, RES Workspace Manager 2014 and the RES Unified Console.

In this article I will show you some of the new stuff, that is released today.

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Jan 31

image_thumb3 Recently I did some research for an Hosted Shared Desktop environment based on Citrix XenDesktop 7.1.  The environment I did my research for consists of 40+ Remote Desktop Services servers, based on Windows 2012 R2. These servers are Citrix Provisioning Services target devices. Within Citrix XenDesktop we have published an Server OS Desktop, with the Machine Catalog, consisting of the aforementioned 40+ RDS servers. The end user will connect to this desktop after logging in to an Storefront portal.

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Jan 24

Currently we are working at a customer to set up a new environment.
To make this as easy as possible we are using the Microsoft Deployment Tool (MDT)

This will make it very easy to install computers with a new OS and the correct drivers.

However when the targeted computer uses the special characters like “/” in the WMI hostname, MDT runs into problems as the MDT workbench doesn’t allow special characters like “/”

The specified new name must not contain special characters

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Jan 10

When using: HDX Flash Redirector 1.1.6.


Issue: When Internet Explorer 8.0 is used and you open an internet shortcut (for example from your desktop or Outlook 2003) it doesn’t open in the browser. The cursor indicates the browser is busy but nothing happens.

When the browser is closed and restartedthe page opens in another Internet Explorer window.

If Internet Explorer isn’t active when the link is clicked the page is opened immediately.



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