Jun 08


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What is PepperBoard?

PepperBoard provides a link between PepperCrew and the Management Team of PepperByte. The company’s board is made up of members of the company’s Management Team, plus other senior executives within the company.

Held every six to eight weeks, PepperBoard meetings provide a setting for a wide range of issues to be discussed. Those issues will range from new strategies to ways in which individual projects are to be handled, plus changes to working conditions and the production of white papers, manuals and other publications.

The meetings provide an opportunity for PepperByte employees to bring up issues important to them and have them discussed. In addition, they give PepperBoard members the opportunity to contribute to the creation of new strategies and, in doing so, shape the future of PepperByte.

PepperBoard – just one of the factors that contributes to ensuring the strength and stability of PepperByte.