Oct 08

How to add a SQL database without the LDF file

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SQL-Server-2012 Today I want to add a SQL database to the SQL server in my lab environment. The database I want to add is a sample database that I want to import in my environment to test some query’s.

The download for this sample database only contains a .mdf file and no LDF file (transaction log). When I try to add this database trough the SQL Management Studio I receive an error that the LDF is missing and that because of that the database can’t be added.

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Sep 10

RES VDX Engine does not connect to the VDX plugin

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res-vdx Currently I am busy building an proof of concept environment while designing an appliance pc. This type of workstation will be used for applications that need specific local hardware on the workstation. We want to see if RES VDX can provide the functionality to make the software that is installed and running on the appliance pc accesVDX-menusible within the Citrix XenApp session. RES VDX is most commonly used in combination with RES Workspace Manager.


The customer I am currently working for is not using RES Workspace Manager, but they do want to make use of the functionality that RES Software provide in there RES VDX product.

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Aug 21

RES VDX 2014 with Citrix XenApp 6.5

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res-vdx For a customer I’ve been asked to design a workstation with RES Virtual Desktop Extender (RES VDX) installed to deliver some problem applications in a proof of concept.

I am going to use RES VDX 2014 for my POC.

This customer is using Citrix XenApp 6.5 to deliver a published desktop. The user start menu is managed by the Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent. So all the start menu items are published applications.

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Aug 11

Starting PowerShell as default within Windows Core

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LD0001467786_1 My lab environment runs on Windows 2012 R2 Core, with Hyper-V installed. It runs smoothly. When I need to manage the environment I can do the most common task right there on the prompt.

But with Microsoft pushing everyone to use PowerShell I don’t understand why Windows Core start with a normal prompt instead of a PowerShell prompt.

In this article I will describe how you can change the prompt that is launched when Windows Core boots from CMD to PowerShell.

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Jun 10

PowerShell coding on a Mac

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Screenshot 2014-06-10 13.30.13 Because my main workstation is a MacBook pro, I use a Windows 8.1 virtual machine for most of my PowerShell coding work or I connect via RDP to my management server. But sometimes I want to quickly edit a script to send it to a coworker or friend. It is possible to edit a PowerShell script in any text editor that is available. But for PowerShell coding it handy if your editor is PowerShell language aware.

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May 28

My Expierence at BriForum 2014 London

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Last week I had the pleasure to attend BriForum 2014 in London. BriForum is an IT conference with a focus on Server Based Computing and Virtualization in the broadest way. BriForum 2014 London is the 15th BriForum edition in 10 years. It is my second BriForum. I’ve first attended BriForum in 2008 in Chicago IL.

Tuesday may 20th is the first day of BriForum in London. The location is nice, with enough room to host this event, and nearby the London Underground. Here is an overview of the presentation I found the most interesting, and remember this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Opening keynote by Brian Madden.
Brian talks about the state of the industry, and of course about the fact that this the 15th BriForum event in 10 years time.


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May 13

Which Windows Service is hiding behind the process SvcHost.exe?

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Titel_ImageToday I am troubleshooting a Windows 2012 R2 server. This server shows a high CPU load for the process “SvcHost.exe” after a reboot. There are multiple instances for this process, all with different process id and different CPU and memory usage percentages.

In the Windows NT family of operating systems, svchost.exe (Service Host) is a system process that hosts multiple Windows services. SVCHost is important for the implementation of shared service processes, where a number of services can share a process to reduce resource consumption. This explains why there are different instances for this process.

For me to troubleshoot this issue it is important to find out which of the Windows Services is causing this behavior.

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May 07

Create a PowerShell Profile ready for XenDesktop Management

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PowerShell_Logo Today I want to show you how to create a PowerShell instance that is all ready for managing a Citrix XenDesktop 7.1 environment.

We’ve all been there you want to check something quickly in your environment. You start up PowerShell, enter a command and you are presented with an error message that the command you just entered is not recognized by PowerShell.

Screenshot 2014-05-06 21.34.56

We get this error message not because of a typo but because the Citrix Snap-ins are not loaded in this PowerShell session.

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Apr 09

Managing SQL 2012 Server with PowerShell remotely

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download In this article I want to talk about managing a SQL 2012 Server with PowerShell from a remote computer. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier blog post PowerShell is becoming more and more important in the day to day task of a system administrator.

As my main work machine is a MacBook I perform my PowerShell from within a virtual machine. This virtual machine runs Windows 8.1.
I am using PowerShell ISE as scripting application. It is a simple scripting tool but it does everything I need at this time to make my PowerShell work easy.

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Mar 12

iPowerShell Remote Admin from an iPad

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If you follow my blogs you should know by now that I am a big fan of PowerShell. I really like working on the command line and with scripts. 

I am very happy to see more and more Windows based software vendors that are including PowerShell cmdlets.

Recently I found a PowerShell Admin tool from the company Sapien. An PowerShell tool for the iPad. I’ve got to try this.

On the left you see the main application screen with Windows 8.x like tiles. The screenshot on the right is what you see when you tab on the Cmdlets tile.

IMG_0357 IMG_0362

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