Hurrah for green IT!

When visiting VMworld Europe last month we heard a lot of now things. Besides the new vSphere, ESX 4, Distributed Virtual Switches also green IT was a popular thing.  Though in most companies the current economic crisis demands more attention than the amount of power being used it still remains a popular item.

VMware also takes this very serious. When returning the “How well do you think VMworld Europe 2009 was” form everybody was handed a t-shirt. Proud VMware nerd as I am I immediately washed the  shirt (smelly from the paint I guess..)

That is one thing I shouldn’t have done. I think the shirt was painted with water-based paint… because after just one time washing (my girl did it, so it was done properly! 😉 ) it looks like this…. Hurrah for green IT!

Was once an enthusiastic PepperByte employee but is now working elsewhere. His blogs are still valuable to us and we hope to you too.