Lost iSCSI LUN capacity during HP agent installation

I was installing a HP agent (hpmgmt-8.3.1) and following a instruction i had used successfully before and during the installation  i made the snmpd.conf  so everything works as planed (that was wishful thinking) with enough empty chairs around me somebody cam and visit me yeb it was good old Murphy! I finish the installation tested the https://<hostname>:2381 site and it worked. But i am raised with Microsoft so i did a reboot. I did not watched the boot screen. I logged on to the Host using the virtual infrastructure client and went to the only datastore i had configured. En that’s when i noticed it  and i got sad! The datastore was empty when opening. So with some hope i click on the / and it went looking dot by dot by dot. You get the picture and finally a strange error.

First i looked at the other host that has this LUN published  but the same here. The virtual machines could not be management any more. So i went to the configuration tab en then to the storage adapter section and selected the iSCSI Software adapter. In the detail screen below the view i saw the LUN as it should be but ( there is always a but) i had a miss match with the size of the LUN i touch it should be around 600 GB but the ESX host said it was 0 GB He that is not nice! Where are my bits and bytes my virtual Machines? Fortunately this is not a production environment and is still under construction.

When i went in to the vmkernel log i found the following rules:

Jan 28 22:09:43 esx102 vobd: Jan 28 22:09:43.570: 3585102404us: [vprob.storage.connectivity.lost] Lost connectivity to storage device blablablabla. Path vmhba33:C0:T0:L6 is down. Affected datastores: “Store1_lab”.
Jan 28 22:26:01 esx102 hpasmlited[2858]: Process has been instructed to stop from the user interface. Starting Shutdown process. . .
Jan 28 22:26:06 esx102 snmpd[2572]: Received TERM or STOP signal…  shutting down…
Jan 28 22:29:34 esx102 vobd: Jan 28 22:29:34.040: 4775572238us: [vprob.storage.connectivity.lost] Lost connectivity to storage device t10.9454450000000000000000003000000020A10000F0000000. Path vmhba33:C0:T0:L6 is down. Affected datastores: “StoreBlabla“.

Oka my thoughts something went wrong with the installation of the HP agent 🙂 . but why must it ****** my datastore?  First i uninstalled the HP agent. How to do this is explained in the ./hpmgmt/831/README.txt of the unwrapped files of the HP agent in the installation directory.  next i rebooted the system. I still could not access my LUN and it still said it was 0GB.  when looking in the message log i found that i had a reservation conflicts on the SCSI bus. So i had an SCSI reservation issue that is locking the LUN. Because only two host have this LUN published and the environment is still under construction i reboot the other host to but no such luck.

when i googled reservation conflicted ESX and iSCSI the first hit was very useful he had a similar problem by a different cause. The key for unlocking is: Open the console and type:

vmkfstools -L lunreset /vmfs/devices/disks/<name of LUN>

The name of the LUN can be found in the View section of the iSCSI Software adapter. I sill don’t known for sure what the cause of my problem is. I think it has something to do with the storage agent start-up policy section in the installation of the HP agent. For now no agents on my HP DL 380 G5 host.