Offline VMware documentation tool

Some times when i am at a place without immediate internet access, Yes the do still exist, I fall back on the downloaded VMware documentation on my laptop. This is not always the latest and greatest and some time it is not on my laptop. And i am not the guy the keeps tracks on all the changes of the VMware documentaries. But i found a nice solution.

When i was searching for some Xen server documentation i notice a site that was new for me Xtravirt it is a nice virtualization portal with muti focus areas such as VDI, storage and Hypervisors. When browsing the site a noticed this nice tool the VMware Documentation Downloader. Tool? actually it is a script that use a program Wget this is a program that retrieves content from web servers. The result is a 750 MB folder with a part of the site and documents of VMware. You may browse the documents in the right panel like you are online.


Oke 750 MB is a lot but you can tune the script so you only get what you are interested in. I know there a more sophisticated tools for offline browsing like Black Widow but i like the idée.