A nice weekend tip…

Well today I stumbled upon CTRL – TAB in my Visual Studio project, which get’s you tabbing (proper English 😉 ) between your open tabs (items in your solution)! Quiet often I use ALT – TAB and getting another window and not the item in my solution…

Okay, so here’s the weekend tip: if you want to tab between your Internet Explore tabs just use CTRL – TAB 🙂

UPDATE: I got this tip from Ingmar; besides CTRL + TAB to switch from Windows in an application, you can also use CTRL + F4 as opposed to ALT + F4.
What often is useful in Internet Explorer is opening and closing tabs. Opening a new tab by pressing Ctrl + T (and close it with CTRL + F4). And with the mouse
middle button (often used in the scroll wheel) to open a link in a new tab, or by closing a tab with the middle button on a tab.

Daniel Nikolic