P2V UFAD interface version does not match client

Today i did a P2V (physical to virtual conversion) of our old Virtual Center server (2.5 u3). We wanted to keep the machine for a little while because the machine had some additional tooling installs for the old environment and the hardware got a new destination. The old hosts where already managed by the new vCenter server. Since everything is in a data center a couple a km away from me and there is no management connection to this server i did a live conversion. I have done a lot of P2V actions and in the beginning you get some strange error or make (little) mistakes. But this time a got a error i have never had. The converter made a connection but can up with this error 

[2010-02-24 13:19:58.334 ‘Libs’ 1896 warning] [Vmdb_Unset] Unsetting unknown path: /vmomi/
[2010-02-24 13:20:03.584 ‘ClientConnection’ 516 info] Making sure that UFAD interface has version vmware-converter-4.0.3
[2010-02-24 13:20:13.943 ‘ClientConnection’ 516 info] UFAD interface version is vmware-converter-4.0.0
[2010-02-24 13:20:13.943 ‘ClientConnection’ 516 error] UFAD interface version does not match client!

This is from the C:UsersadminmdappdataLocalVMwareVMware Converter EnterpriseLogs.

As you can see there is a interface mismatch. First thought was that odd the converter will install the agent with a live migration. Second thought was maybe there was already a P2V conversion done with a pervious version and the choose to manual remove the converter agent. But non of that there VMware Converter Enterprise for Virtual Center was installed. I stopped the service and tried again but as i suspected this would not work so i removed the enterprise converter and it works the P2V went on. There was no reboot required.