P2V UFAD interface version does not match client

Today i did a P2V (physical to virtual conversion) of our old Virtual Center server (2.5 u3). We wanted to keep the machine for a little while because the machine had some additional tooling installs for the old environment and the hardware got a new destination. The old hosts where already managed by the new vCenter server. Since everything is in a data center a couple a km away from me and there is no management connection to this server i did a live conversion. I have done a lot of P2V actions and in the beginning you get some strange error or make (little) mistakes. But this time a got a error i have never had. The converter made a connection but can up with this error 

[2010-02-24 13:19:58.334 ‘Libs’ 1896 warning] [Vmdb_Unset] Unsetting unknown path: /vmomi/
[2010-02-24 13:20:03.584 ‘ClientConnection’ 516 info] Making sure that UFAD interface has version vmware-converter-4.0.3
[2010-02-24 13:20:13.943 ‘ClientConnection’ 516 info] UFAD interface version is vmware-converter-4.0.0
[2010-02-24 13:20:13.943 ‘ClientConnection’ 516 error] UFAD interface version does not match client!

This is from the C:UsersadminmdappdataLocalVMwareVMware Converter EnterpriseLogs.

As you can see there is a interface mismatch. First thought was that odd the converter will install the agent with a live migration. Second thought was maybe there was already a P2V conversion done with a pervious version and the choose to manual remove the converter agent. But non of that there VMware Converter Enterprise for Virtual Center was installed. I stopped the service and tried again but as i suspected this would not work so i removed the enterprise converter and it works the P2V went on. There was no reboot required.

Was once an enthusiastic PepperByte employee but is now working elsewhere. His blogs are still valuable to us and we hope to you too.