ISCSI Locks on OpenFiler with ESX 4.x

This blog describes the problem and solution for ISCI Locks on OpenFiler with ESX 4.X


VM appears to be down. The whole environment responses slow. LS command on /vmfs/volumes takes a long time to complete. When the LS command completes one or more Luns are shaded red.


To resolve this issue one must perform an lunreset on the effected LUN. Before you can perform a lunreset you must find out the device path of the effected LUN.
On the ESX host you execute the following command:

#  esxcfg-scsidevs –l

The output appears similar to:

   Device Type: Direct-Access
   Size: 512000 MB
   Display Name: Openfiler1 Store 06
   Plugin: NMP
   Console Device: /dev/sdj
   Devfs Path:

   Vendor: OPNFILER  Model: VIRTUAL-DISK      Revis: 0
   SCSI Level: 4  Is Pseudo: false Status: on
   Is RDM Capable: true  Is Removable: false
   Is Local: false
   Other Names:

You will see a block like this for each LUN.
Look in the output for the line that starts with Devfs Path. With this information we can perform the lunreset.

On the ESX host execute the following command:

# vmkfstools –L lunreset /vmfs/devices/disks/ Devfs Path


# vmkfstools –L lunrest /vmfs/devices/diks/t10.F405E46494C45400A75707865567D2E4B463A7D285F61565