Citrix Web Interface: don’t detect the ICA client

In some cases, okay rare cases, you don’t want to display an error message in the welcome screen of the Web Interface website stating an ICA client has not been detected, or the correct version has not been found.

If you want to  disable the error message, but leave the Message Centre intact it’s possible to do the following:

On the Web Interface server go to: .InetpubwwwrootCitrixWebInterfaceSiteNameapp_dataauthserverscripts and open the file clientdetect.aspxf.

Add the bold text, at the location as seen in the presented example:

private bool getIcaClientAvailable() {

string icaClientAvailable = (string) getUserEnvAdaptor().getClientSessionState().get(COOKIE_ICA_CLIENT_AVAILABLE);
return true;
    return equalsIgnoreCase(VAL_TRUE, icaClientAvailable);


private bool getIcaClientUpToDate() {

string icaClientVersion = (string) getUserEnvAdaptor().getClientSessionState().get(COOKIE_ICA_CLIENT_VERSION);

if (icaClientVersion != null) {

IcaWebClient icaWebClient = getClientDeploymentConfiguration().getICAWebClientConfig();
return icaWebClient.isUpToDateClient(icaClientVersion);

} else {

return true;


private bool getRadeClientAvailable() {

string radeClientAvailable = (string) getUserEnvAdaptor().getClientSessionState().get(COOKIE_RADE_CLIENT_AVAILABLE);
    return true;
return equalsIgnoreCase(VAL_TRUE, radeClientAvailable);


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