Replacing a network card of a DC (Virtual Machine)

When you want to replace the old virtual network card for a VMXNET3 network card of a Domain controller (DC) and when the DC is also DNS server (AD integrated) and the only one in the domain you may encounter some problems.  Yesterday i replace the old network card for a VMXNET3 adapter in a DC that was the only DC in the Domain (yes i hear you 1 DC = no DC ) and i encounter the following errors on the server:

 DC error 4007 DC error 4015 DC error 6702

The event where found in the DNS event view. The first one was event 6072, than event 4015 and at last event 4007. We fist updated the VMtools en then shutdown the quest removed the old network card and add the new network card (VMXNET3). We already did this for about 40 machines and no problems happened until we did the DC controller. Because the network IP address was not connected to the new NIC and the DC gets a new IP DHCP or APAPI the DC will updates it record in DNS en that where it goes wrong. I think it is best to disconnect the new network card an boot the system with the DNS services stop add the IP address to the newly add network card and enable DNS. This work for me with a test VM but before trying this please test it you’re self!