Scripted install VMware ESXi on HP Blade hardware

Today we got to the second stage of upgrading the customer VMware environment. The first stage was the test and Development cluster. This cluster consists 6 HP DL 380 G5 rack mounted servers and with the install script we have made it was a peace of cake! In stage 2 we upgrade (by reinstallation) a part of the production environment when we did the scripted installation all looked well installation process in running writing his image reboot and then the blade server booted the old ESX 4.0 installation instead of the new ESXi 4.1 installation. What the [beeeeep]  is going on? it should be getting in the second part of the installation script where it will set vSwitches settings e.g.. The problem was in the part of the script where the script choose the first discovered disk to install onto we had used this command:

autopart –firstdisk –overwritevmfs

But with a HP Proliant blade (BL 460c G6) this will not work unless you uses the command like this :

autopart –firstdisk=hpsa,cciss,local –overwritevmfs

the hpsa is for SA P410i BL460C G6 the cciss is for SA E200i BL460C G1 and local is for the OTA servers.

!!!!! Warning !!!!!

When using this option un-present all LUN of the responding Host before installation or else you will end up with an new installation of ESXI on your First available LUN