Storage vMotion error Fast Suspend and Resume not initialize

I tried to storage vMotion a VM to another Datastore. But i got a error that the VM was not ready for the migration because the Fast Suspend and Resume (FSR) was not able to be initialize. See error below. This error was not given directly but during the process it was given.



When you order a storage vMotion the files which are located in the home directory on the source datastore are copied to the new datastore and a shadow VM is started on the new datastore. When you look at the process running on the host you will find the same server twice whit different  process ID’s.


During the the copying to the destination datastore changes to the virtual machine still running on the sources datastore are traced this is called change block tracking. Storage vMotion will continue to copy the sources including the change blocks until these blocks are small enough at that moment storage vMotion will start the FSR process this the moment where the shadow VM will be taking the lead form the original VM this usually happens very quickly but in this case it failed!

This was new for me and when i dived in to it i found out that just before my tasks (the storage vMotion) a college of mine had remove a snapshot


Although the status of the job was Completed in the background the VM was still occupied.

The solution for this problem is time. Just wait a few minutes and order another storage vMotion.