Maintenance mode report in SCOM (fixed)

Object, like computers, in System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) can be placed in a maintenance mode. While the object is in maintenance mode no alerts will be generated, as expected.

I wanted to see which objects have been placed in maintenance mode, unfortunately there is no default report supplied by Microsoft.

Fortunately Alain Côte wrote a report, along with a stored procedure, which enables me the insights requested. The management pack, containing the report and stored procedure, can be downloaded here: Maintenance Mode History Report Management Pack

There is one instruction missing in the documentation, additional permissions are required to run the stored procedure required by the report. Without the permissions the following error is displayed:

Query execution failed for data set 'OperationsManagerDW'

If you execute the report via a webpage, for instance on the reporting server, you whould get the following error:

The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'SearchMaintMode', database 'OperationsManagerDW', schema 'dbo'.


So the resolution to the problem is fairly easy, give the Datawarehouse Read Account EXECUTE permissions on the object’ SearchMaintMode’. This can be done following these steps:

1) Open Microsoft SQL Server Managemend Studio;
2) Connect to the SQL server hosting the OperationsManagerDW database;
3) Browse to Databases\OperationsManagerDW\Programmability\Stored Procedures’;
4) Open the properties of the SP ‘dbo.SearchMaintMode’;
5) Select the page ‘Permission’ (on the left);
6) Click Search;
7) Search your DRA account (for instance SVC_SCOM_DRA);
8) Grant the permission ‘Execute’ (third row, first checkbox);
9) Okay, you’re done!



Ingmar Verheij