Pubforum Dublin (E2E) Keynotes

Pubforum started as Pubforum should start with a dynamic agenda! The welcome session is been delayed and will bee just before lunch. When entering the room two things are noticed the logo of our sister company DeNamiK on the right side of the presentation screen and the PepperMints.on the table! 

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The real start was at 10:30 with:

Keynote 1: A Single Handheld Device for Everything: The Nirvana Phone, Heaven or Hell? By Jim Moyle and Andrew Wood.
They explained what a nirvana phone is  a single computing device. that has your computing power in the size of a phone that can be plug-in to your laptop or be used as a phone. What makes a nirvana phone?

  • audio
  • Citrix receiver
  • hypervisor
  • keyboard mouse
  • video out, and optionally a docking station

But on the other hand  it is a device that runs YAFH (Yet Another Fucking Hypervisor 😉 )

Why or why not a nirvana phone……

Keyboard and mouse must be used trough Bluetooth.
There are some barriers to concur like video (specially the way to connect and the video support) but also the lack of CPU, Memory and battery.
A laptop? 80% leaves his or her laptop at the office.
A tablet? it is no phone or laptop but you don’t have it with all the time

At the end everybody knows what a Nirvana Phone is and why it must be a phone because you always want to have it with you. At the moment the phone is only available in the US (they will probably be available in Europe next week ) in and are not easily to adjust for Europe.  

Keynote 2  was by Citrix “Consumerism of IT” by Simon Frost
The discussion is about BYOD this is a less entertaining session than the first also because the discussion about flexibility and BYOD was discussed in the session before. A A good part is the BYOI and who you gone trust and how you cone a ensure who may do what?

Alex Juschin made a enouncement about the name change from PubForum to E2E conference mainly for a more understanding what the meaning is for this conference and to get sponsors to make the conference a low cost conference white very good content.

whit the name change the grandfathers of Pubforum became board of advisers Pubforum is a export product to Dubai 

The keynote of Shawn Bass was deliverd with military precision and with machine gun speed! and still it was very understandable! His presentation was only 5 slides and as usually he spoke fast! I saw Aidan Finn take notes I hope he could keep up! Nice to see that both wear the PepperByte lanyard 🙂

             P1010508  P1010509


The last keynote was by Cathal Cleary, Systems Engineer and Ian Moore, Ireland Country Manager both working for VMware. The presentation was about the vCloud director en how the “latest” new products like vShield  e.g. works on a flexible and secure solution base on the cloud! Sorry to see that the public was a little bit bored but we like the way they did the presentation