PubForum Here we come!

In the next few days we (some colleagues and I) will attend PubForum. PubForum is a non-commercial event which main goal is to bring the best virtualization experts together to exchange knowledge and to establish new connections! E2E ( Expert to Expert) it is! Some of us attended Grand PubForum Frankfurt in 2010 and we are pleased that we may return (thank you PepperByte)! This time PubForum will be held in Dublin. And 2 of my colleagues will present at PubForum:, Ingmar Verheij and Remko Weijnen, will present three sessions.

How fast is your (virtual) environment? in 900 Seconds Highly compressed but very good stuff!

Testing the performance of a virtual environment! I have witnessed this process (live) and it’s great! I guess there will be some good discussions regarding this presentation.

Fix badly behaving applications for locked down environments! Put on you diving suit because this will go deep! But it will be easy to follow.

The following days we will post about the sessions and the things we see to keep our fellow crewmembers and you posted!

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