Using i-Clickr when you have no WiFi Connection

I started using the i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote iPhone App for my presentations recently. I like this app as it shows me the current (or next slide), annations and previous/next buttons:



And when you turn your iPhone you can draw on the screen, place check signs etc.


In short: I like this app (sorry if I am sounding like a commercial).

It has one drawback though: it needs a WiFi connection and you don’t always have one when presenting (or it’s unstable like eh.. somewhere).

The i-Clickr PC Control Application has a Direct Wireless options for this. It’s supposed to create a peer to peer connection between the iPhone and your pc but it doesn’t seem to work on the Windows 7 and iPhone combination.

I found a simple solution though: enable the Personal Hotspot option and connect your PC to it:


Now i-Clickr will find detect your PC using the Bonjour service:


That’s all!

If your operator has blocked Personal Hotspot then you can enable it using the TetherMe app in the Cydia store or use Google and install it yourself using the package manager.

Remko Weijnen

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