BatStat – The SBC / VDI laptop accu status tool

While running a Citrix / XenApp or Terminal Server Published Desktop on a Windows laptop, the user is unable to check the laptop’s battery status. This may lead to a serious inconvenience when the battery runs out: the laptop will shut down and the user’s session will be terminated / disconnected. We have encountered this inconvenience on some of our projects, and developed a way to solve it. Our solution involves two elements: RES and BatStat.

The RES technology provides a way for Workspace Extender (formerly Powerfuse subscriber) to seamlessly reverse an application. This means that a local application can be shown inside the Published Desktop session.

The second element is BatStat. Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 do not offer a standalone application to monitor battery status. BatStat does just that. RES cannot show the Windows battery icon in the notification area of the taskbar, but it can show the BatStat application!

Without RES, the user must switch between applications (using Alt-Tab) to be able to see the battery’s status.  The combination of the BatStat application with the RES technology not only simplifies the user’s work, it will also help reduce calls to your helpdesk!

You can download the tool for free at this location!

Daniel Nikolic