HTTP 403.14 error Veeam Business view

After the installation of Veeam business server I  login in and expected  a popup  to configure the business view program.

Popup configuration wizard veeam business view

Yes I logoff and logon again as is written in the user guide (step 6 page 18) of Veeam Business view. but instead of the expected popup i got a Http page with a 403.14 error like below.

http 403.14 error

When you read the the  things you can try  section it will give you two hints

  • Enable directory browsing
  • Add the default home page.

To get Veeam business view working both hints must be addressed.
Go to IIS and select the VeeamBusinessview site, select Directory Browsing en in the right column and start directory browsing.

start IIS directory browsing 

The second thing to do is add the home.aspx page from the Veeam business view directory to the default document for the Veeambusinessview site.


After login in to the business view site the view is as expected and you can go on to configure the program