SureBackup Ping error along with APIPA address

When you get a Ping error in your sure back-up Job like below. Static IP settings that were configured on the source server where not retained on the resulting virtual machine in sure backup!

real time statists Veeam sure backup 
This is a screen shot form the real-time statists in sure backup. You can see this screen when you right click the sure backup job.

This happens when a virtual machine source network card is looking like this:

network setting within virtual machine

There is only one network card available in this virtual machine but it still gives you the idea that this is local Area Connection 2.This can be for multi reason.

When the SureBackup jobs runs the virtual machine from the back-up file it will lose its IP settings and falls back to DHCP this causes the APIPA address and that why the ping job within sure backup to the original address will fail. The static IP settings that were configured on the source server are not retained on the resulting virtual machine after Backup / conversion completes.

This problem is address by VMware in  KB 1020078 To resolve this problem under Windows 2008 (R2) you must install a patch which needs a reboot and you will have to set the IP setting again.
The best thing to do is save your IP setting before patching the machine with this command :

netsh interface ip dump >> %systemroot%\NetworkSettings.txt

Than patch the machine with one of the patches, see links below, and than recover your IP setting with this command.

netsh -f %systemroot%\NetworkSettings.txt (what’s out the network name must be the same!)

One thing i noticed is that when i had configured the IP setting manual or with the command above it looses its Default gateway when I set the default gateway again it will remember it! You will also get the next popup:

IP warning  
You will need to answer this with Yes!

The Microsoft patch can be found here:

Windows 2008
KB Article Number(s): 2344941
Language: All (Global)
Platform: x64
Location: (

or (depending on the OS type)

Windows 2008 R2
KB Article Number(s): 2550978
Language: All (Global)
Platform: x64
Location: (