SureBackup VMware tools not started

When you get errors within Veeam SureBackup like below (see picture) just adjust the "maximum allowed boot time" to , e.g. 3000sec and try again. You also can see the SureBackup log – SB_<name>.log for more information

SureBackup Vmwaere tools not started


The maximum allowed boot time can be found in Applications groups or in you Job settings depending if it is a virtual machine which the back-up depends on or if it is the a machine from the back-up that is tested.

Within Application group go to virtual machine select it an choose to edit the virtual machine.

Within the SureBackup job go to Backup jobs select the Job and adjust the maximum allowed boot.

in both cases you will get a screen like below

Veeam SureBackup edit virtual machine  startup options

This will allow the virtual machine to have more boot time.

The second option is to disable the controller option of VMware the same screen unselect VMware Tools heartbeat is present. But i don’t recommend this.

for more troubleshooting see the  SureBackup log – SB_<name of SureBackup job>.log which is located under : c:\users\<username>\AppData\local\Veeam\ backup this location can be quickly opened by clicking on help and click Support information.