best android app ever!! ;)

andriod loves appleI am a person that has two phones one for business and one for private. Why? I just want to keep private and working live separated. But this is not always possible. So I got two cell phones one IPhone 🙂 and one android. And I must say the android is fine but there is a difference. So i like the IPhone more than the android and i don’t want to walk around with two phones all the time so I forwarded the calls that are made to the android phone to the IPhone but I was still missing the SMS that where send! Yeah the old school thing before whatsapp  😉   so I was looking for a app that will forward my SMS including the sender data (name and phone number). There are several free apps that will do this for you but without the senders data and that’s not handy. So I found a paid app for android that works great! And yes it is a paid app! So what did the android community brought us more than the Iphone community? I don’t know! If you want a good app you must paid for it (There are always exceptions). The app is called SMS Forwarder Pro and can be found in the market place for €1,15 ! I think this is the best app ever for an android ;) 

So in the end I think all android phone users dream of apple because why else would this app exist ;) 

Andriods dreams of apple