Please wait for the Local Session Manager

Author : Ingmar Verheij
I’ve built a lab to run some tests on Citrix XenApp. Since this is a lab environment I do not have enough resources to create dedicated machines for each role. Therefore I found it justified to create a virtualized domain controller (dc001.domain.local) with multiple roles and multi-homed (Boooohhh, I know). The machine is not only a domain controller but also has the DNS and DHCP role.

The following network interfaces are present on dc001.domain.local:

  • Local Area Connection 1 :
  • Local Area Connection 2:

The Citrix XenApp server is a dedicated physical machine with a single network interface:

  • Local Area Connection 1 :

After creating a published desktop I’ve tried to connect from a machine in the subnet. The session keeps waiting with the message ‘Please wait for the Local Session Manager’.

Please wait for the local Session ManagerSince I am the local session manager around here, this annoyed me.

I took me a while to find the problem. I’ve installed all recommended Citrix and Microsoft hotfixes but that did not solve the problem. Eventually Process Monitor (SysInternals) send me in the right direction.

Process Monitor

The LogonUI kept on (re)connecting to the domain controller while the status message remain the same.

A quick peek with ping (did I mention I Love Ping?) showed the problem. The domain controller resolved to the wrong IP address and could therefore not be reached (the XenApp server is in the subnet)


The problem is caused by the multi-homed domain controller (which is a bad-practice btw). Since all network interfaces by default gets registered on the DNS server, there is a chance the IP address resolved is on a different subnet.

Register this connections addresses in DNSThe solution to the problem is (as always) fairly easy. Either don’t use a multi-homed domain controller, since this is a bad practice, or prevent the network interface to register on the DNS server.

This can be achieved by disabling the checkbox ‘Register this connection’s addresses in DNS’ on the Advanced TCP/IP Settings of the network interface.

If the checkbox is enabled after you disable it, hotfix KB2554859 is required.

OR, you can issue the netsh command with the parameter skipassource=true as Remko Weijnen recently blogged.

If you do not have access to the domain controller, or unable to appy hotfixes, or you want to do it in a completely different way… You can also add the domain controller to the hosts file which can be found in the location %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

hosts file

To check if the changes have worked you can issue the ping command again to verify if the name resolution of the domain controller works.

Ping dc001.domain.local - after

If you now make a connection to the Citrix XenApp server, the connection will successfully be made (or at least it did on my lab).

Logon screen