Back-up and recovery Exchange 2010 with Veeam Back-up and replication (enterprise) part 3/3

Veeam Backup and replication Icon This blog is part three of three on how you can make a back-up and more importantly how you can recover items from a mailbox. In part one I described which setting to set for a exchange 2010 back-up job. In part two I explain how to configure the virtual lab and application group that are necessary for restoring exchange items from a specific mailbox. So finally we have come to the most important part recovery of items from your exchange 2010 mailbox.
While performing a recovery for the first time you will see that the recovery process was made for  enterprise environment where task are divided. Recovery in Veeam Backup exists out of three steps. Step one asking for a recovery to take place. Step two control and approve of the recovery wish. And step three is the actual recovery . For the new back-up version I have heard that this process has been adjust but i did not find the time to play with the new product version. 

Step one asking permission for a recovery:

Restore wizard Veeam backup exchange

Open the Veeam Back-up and recovery and go to tools > Application Item recovery and select Microsoft Exchange


Veeam Restore wizard time choice

In this wizard section that will popup you can set the time limed you want to have to access the recovered environment. For recovering some mail box items of one user 30 minutes is more than enough.

Veeam Restore wizard DNS connection

In this part of the wizard you must enter a valid FQDN or IP address of a DNS server witch also has the Global Catalog role installed. This does not has to be the DNS server you will use in the isolated environment (see part two  the surebackup virtual overview) When necessary you can set the credentials for the connection and under in  this screen you will test the connection to the DNS Server. If everything is alright the Name and IP will show up and it will see if the DNS server has a Global Catalog installed.
Veeam Restore wizard mailbox account Now it is time to enter the mailbox user for witch items must be restored. When pressing Check the wizard will resolve the name and try to find the CAS server for this user. Sometime ( I don’t know why yet!) there will be a popup witch will say that you must manual enter the CAS server. when done also select the current version of you’re exchange environment and go to the next step in the wizard.
Veeam Restore wizard CAS Error  This is the popup that can come but This does not cause problems. just enter the name manually

When moving on to the next screen you are ask (by a popup screen) tot add credentials for this mailbox. This may be the user credentials for that mailbox but this is not handy  usually you will have one ore several administrator in you exchange environment who will have the rights to user mailboxes so use those credentials this is also better for auditing :).

Veeam Restore wizard backup restore time selection  In this part of the wizard you will select the back-up where the items you like to restore probably will be available.

After this screen you will get a Summary screen and you can finish the first step to recovery.

Veeam Backup enterprise manager Now open the Veeam Backup enterprise manager and go to the request tab. Select the request that you just made and approve it. And now? Now it is time to wait! When the request is approved the virtual lab is started from the back-up you have requested in the request wizard. In this step a administrator also has the opportunity to edit the request and to set another mailbox server or to adjust the request time e.g. Walk trough it and become familiar with it, it is no rocket science. This ends step 2

 Veeam Backup enterprise manager approve section

Now for the final step. Step 3. The step where we make back-ups for. The recovery of the mailbox items.
Veeam Back-up virtual lab and recovery So go back to the Veeam Back-up and replication en watch the Job section under Sure back-up here you can see if the restore environment is started. When the environment is started and able to communicate you can start a restore





Veeam Back-up  recovery Select the CAS or MBX server and right click to go in to the restore wizard. The first three screens are the same as the screen two and three in the wizard in step one. So you select a production DNS server witch has the global catalog role installed and enter the mailbox account where items restore will be done for. Also this time you will be ask to enter credentials for the mailbox account.

Veeam Back-up recovery In this step of the wizard you will be ask to choose between two options 
Delete or change items or All items. For this blog I choose all items the idea is the same.




Veeam Back-up recovery pre select In the step you are able to make a pre selection. I did not make a pre selection.





Veeam Back-up recovery items  
Here is where you can select the items that you would like to restore for the user.
When looking closely you can see that it is possible to restore Mail and Agenda items I did not delete ore change a contact or else it would be shown here also.

Veeam Back-up recovery location After you made the selection the next step is where to restore the items. in the mailbox or on a file system. I restore to the mailbox so the user can do what he or she want to do with it.



Veeam Back-up  recovery folder  For the mails that will be restore you can set a recovery folder witch will showup under the user account. within this folder the restore wizard will make folders where the original item came from. So if you restore items from inbox, sent mail and delete items. The user will see those as sub folders in the restore folder you made. Agenda items will be restored in a new agenda that is made by Veeam back-up and replication.

Veeam Back-up  recovery reviewThis is the review screen of the restore.
The next step is the restore action.

                 Veeam Back-up  recovery

Veeam Back-up recovery done

The items are restored and the job is done you can inform the user where his or her items are restored.




When you a finished just close the restore wizard. Veeam Backup and replication will cleanup after you when the requested restore time is finished.  If you need more time than planed before you can set this in the Veeam Backup enterprise manager.

When doing a recovery and the mailbox server is not active Database of the DAG  you will have to Activate the recovered mailbox server Database. This can be done by a power shell script see :

Activate Exchange 2010 Mailbox server Database .

I have add this script to the server so it will be in the back-up also and I only have to remember the location.

Part one How to make a exchange 2010 back-up job.
Part two How to configure the virtual lab and application group

If you have any questions here is how you can contact me!