Error installing Windows XP SP3 (KB925877)

I had to update some workstation of a customer to SP 3 (if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it 🙂 ) so he was able to upgrade his Internet Explorer to version 8 (IE version 9 is not possible with windows XP).But when the installation starts it stops with the error message:

 Service Pack 3 has been cancelled because XP SP3 cannot be installed over RDP 6.0 MUI pack (update for Windows XP(KB925877)). Before you can continue, you must  Uninstall KB925877.

Error XP SP3 install

Within the software section to uninstall updates it is not possible to uninstall this KB because it will not be shown (no i did not forgot about the additional box for updates).

So just go to the registry and delete the following registry :


Now you will be able to install SP3 and if you like to use RDP again you also must install KB96084