Quest ActiveRoles client Failed to connect

During a installation of a POC environment I run in to a problem when we wanted to connect to the ActiveRoles server (Windows 2008 R2)  from a client (Windows 7). We tried to connect with the MMC console of ActiveRoles, which was locally installed, and to the Web console but ending up with error’s.This is the error from the Web console

Conection error Web Console ActiveRoles

This error is not readable because of the way the IIS is configured.


This is the error form the MMC console:
Connection to Administration Service  on “servername’” Failed to connect to Administration Service on “servername” Service cannot be contacted or access is denied
Verify that the Service is started. Try to connect with a different user account Access denied

Conection error MMC ActiveRoles

This error makes it more clearly but still mutable option to try! First thing we tried was logging in with a Domain Administrator Account from the client in to the MMC console this worked! Ok the service is started en tested by accessing it with the domain admin account. I will not describe the whole search so some hours and a support call later we found out the the location where ActiveRoles was installed did not have the appropriate rights on the disk.
ActiveRoles was installed on a separate disk (D:) this disk was part of the of the template where the server is installed from. And when the template was build somebody removed the local User group from the Security tab of the disk. Why? Nobody knows! So when we added the local User group tot the disk (or if desired to the install directory of Quest with at leased read rights) the remote connection will work

Security Properties of Disk ActivRoles