Back-up and Recovery of Exchange 2010 with Veeam Backup & Replication version 6

Veeam Backup & replication version 6 I finally found some time to install version 6 of Veeam Back-up and replication and I was wondering if the back-up strategy that I used for Exchange 2010 in version 5 ( see part one, part two and part three for backup and recovery )  will change in the new version. Because in the What’s new guide it says that there is a 1 click file restore but there is noting mentioned about exchange! In this post I will describe the settings for exchange 2010 within version 6 of Veeam Back-up and recovery if they are different comparing to version 5.

When Opening the new version I noticed the fist difference: The pull down menu on the left side has changed there is no restore menu this has made placed for History menu. Also the SureBackup part is gone.

Pull down menu Veeam back-up version 5                                            Pull down menu Veeam back-up version 56
Pull down menu Veeam back-up version 5          Pull down menu Veeam back-up version 6

What i like is the Backup Proxy part. It is now possible to work with data movers, instead of another full blown Back-up server, the advantages of this is you will only need 1 SQL database and not 1 SQL database for each Back-up Server. So now it is possible to mange the jobs in One Back-up server (one Database)!

Veeam Backup & replication add vCenter

The second thing that is different is adding the vCenter server in version 5 you only can add a vCenter server and in version 6 you can add vCenter, Hyper-V, Microsoft XP/2003 server or a Linux server  See the picture to the right.
I am not gone mention every thing what is new you can see the What’s new guide for that but I think de did a great Job in the new possibilities!

I am not gone explain every choice for the Exchange 2010 Back-up this already has been descript in the three parts of version 5.

When you make a Back-up job in the old version the first thing you must give up is the Processing or transport  mode In the new version you don’t have to say how the VM images should be retrieved from the storage.The default is automatic detection. If you want you can set the transport mode  under Backup Proxies right click the BackupProxies and set the transport mode.

Setting transport mode Veeam backup version 6


The next step is still adding the VM’s to the back-up nice detail is that you can move the VM’s in back-up order now!  Add an domain controller, Mailbox server and the file share witness (FSW) server



imageThe following step is the storage part here you can choose the Back-up proxy and the back-up location The retention period has been moved from this window and can be set in the advanced button under the Advanced tab. When you like to place the Back-up on remote storage you must add this storage first to the Back-up software. This can be done under Backup Infrastructure in the left column and than Backup Repositories click add an walk trough the wizard.


There is one other thing changed in the advanced tab Under the vSphere tab it is now possible to Select Enable VMware Tools quiescence. Watch out VMware Tools quiescence is not supported for Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 running on ESX(i) 4.1 hosts. Use application-aware processing in the Veeam job settings to leverage Veeam VSS integration!


The next step is Guest processing. So far i can see, also under Advanced option, not has change ( visually). The last step is Scheduling the job there is a slide change over here. It is possible now to terminate the job exceeds the back-up window.



Now you are able to run the Backup job Lets see if there are more adjustments made in the process.

As in Version 5 you must bui
ld a Virtual lab for you can restore items from mailbox server backup in to the production server. this is not any difference than when working with version 6 so see Part two of my blog, about restoring exchange in version 5, where I explain how to configure the virtual lab and application group that are necessary for restoring exchange items from a specific mailbox.

When you would like to make a restore of a mailbox item like a delete mail or an appoint the process is about the same as in version 5. So you can see part 3 for the recovery with version 5 to see how to restore mailbox items.

So there are some slide difference in version 6 the best part is the the GUI can handle more than one user but the ease way to make a back-up and recover items still stays!

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Here is the link to the software Veeam Backup & Replication.