RES Software Partner Focus 2012 recap

16th February I’ve attended the RES Software Partner Focus event at the Verkade Fabriek in Oeteldonk (Den Bosch). Attending this sort of events always feels like a reunion. You meet past and present colleagues and business partners.


The event was opened by channel manager Wilfred Noordman. He introduced the new channel team and thanked the partners for their commitment towards RES Software. Next up was product marketing director Erik Nicolai. He talked about the RES concept “Iedereen de werkplek die het beste werkt”. He explained this concept by showing pictures of how people work in de RES HQ. Everybody has different needs, due to different functions and different devices.



The next speaker is VP product management Bob Dekousemaeker. He talked about, among other subjects, about the future product RES HyperDrive the business ready answer to services as Dropbox. With RES HyperDrive you can accomplish “Follow me data”. It offers the easiest, most secure and on premises way to share files on the go for enterprise users. This product enables you to access your business data at work, at home or on the road, regardless of device.

The following speaker, before a short break, is Laurens Bontenbal, he is a marketing strategist. He talked about the social revolution.

After the short break you could choose between some sessions. I’ve attended a session about “IT is een Dienst met de dynamische werkplek” by Arie Joosse and Bas van Goor. In this session they show how an dynamic managed desktop functions. They used Workspace manager, Automation Manager and Service Orchestration Module.


res_help_RES_AM2012_logoNext up is a preview of Workspace Manager 2012 by Bob Dekousemaeker. In this presentation he showed the new stuff that will be in version of Workspace Manager. Here are a few of the new features.
One of the new features that Bob showed us is the Relay Server. The role of the Relay Server in Workspace Manager is similar to the role of the dispatcher within Automation Manager. It will decrease the amount of database connections. This will benefit a scenario where there are branch offices.
Another new feature is interception applications. For years it has been a fact that if you wanted Workspace manager to control an application, you had to start the application by launching pwrlaunch.exe with the application ID as an parameter.

In Workspace Manager 2012 there is a new filter driver that allows you to intercept processes before they are launched, then Workspace Manager applies the configuration and security, and continue to launch the application. This new feature allows you to migrate an environment to RES Workspace Manager easily. You can migrate applications one by one without replacing any shortcut. When you are also using Citrix XenApp you don’t have to republish your applications. The new version also contains a feature that allows you to test a settings or configurations you created for a different workspace and/or location. You don’t have to bother a user.
For years there have been requests to expand the reporting tool within Workspace Manager. With this new version it’s here. You can personalize the reports with your company logo.

After an delicious lunch it is up to the last technical session of the day, a session about the new features in RES Automation Manager by Eddie van Ravesteijn. In the new version of Automation Manager you can now use global variables. The values of Global Variables can be set up at Infrastructure > Datastore > Settings > Global Variables. These values are inherited by default by all Teams and Agents, but exceptions for individual Teams and Agents can be set. A new handy feature is that you can set an time window wherein jobs can be executed. If a job is scheduled outside this window you can define what should be done with this job. You can configure for these jobs to, run outside the window, fail, or let the job wait till the begin of the window.
Within this version you can also execute jobs to Linux machines, and you can execute SCCM jobs. This gives the possibility to preform bare metal deployment with Automation Manager.  There is also an update in the query function. You can now setup an query and setup actions based on the outcome of the query.

After this presentation there is an award ceremony for the Dr. Werkplek, partner en RSMVP awards. After this ceremony there is an comedian (Coen Jutte). Then it is time for drinks and networking.