Adding extra local storage space to XenServer 6.0

Today I want to add an new hard disk to my study environment. I have a HP ProLiant DL380 G5 server with a 72GB hard drive and 16GB memory. On this server I’ve installed XenServer 6.0.
With the network I want to build I do not have enough disk space.

After I’ve placed the new disk 120GB disk in the server, and configured a logical drive in the SCSI controller, I log on to the server with a Putty client. With the commando xsconsole you get the screen bellow.


Under the storage menu you can review the current configuration.



Before we can add the new disk as local storage for the XenServer we have to collect some data. We close the XenServer Console so we get an command prompt.

Find the disk ID of the new device using the following commands:
cat /proc/partitions
(You will see list of HDDs and partitions. Find which device is your new local disk. Locate it by size. This is probably “sdb” or “/cciss/c0d1p0”)

ll /dev/disk/by-id
Find the disk ID of the “sdb” or “cciss/c0d1”disk. The “scsi-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” or “cciss-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”format is what you need.
Create a Storage Repository (SR):
xe sr-create content-type=user device-config:device=/dev/disk/by-id/<cciss-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> host-uuid=<host-uuid> name-label=”Local Storage 2” shared=false type=lvm


Now we can see the result in the xsconsole.


Or in XenCenter.