Cluster disk not available

If your cluster reports that one of your cluster disks is “online pending”, as seen in the printscreen below, then Windows is checking the disks for errors.


This can take a while if it is a large disk.

If you want to know how far the process is, check out this log file:

C:\Windows\Cluster\Reports\ChkDsk_ResCluster Disk #_Disk#Part1.log

If you want to stop this process, you have to kill the following process on the cluster node: chkdsk.exe

Windows will stop checking the disk, and it is possible that the status of the disk wil be “Offline”.

Right click on the disk (as in the printscreen below), and select “Bring this resource online”.

It is possible that Windows tries to check this disk again, Just kill the process again on one of the cluster nodes.


Now the Cluster Disk wil be online and working.

If you want to disable chkdsk on the cluster disks, enter the following in the command prompt:

cluster /cluster:myclustername res “Cluster Disk 1” /priv DiskRunCHkDks=4 (4=disable check)

You can do this for all of the disks.

For more information:


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