Logoff Workspace Manager Sessions

If you want to use the mechanism provided by RES to gracefully logoff user sessions, you have to set some registry keys.

This mechanisme was configured at a costumer, but lead to unexpected logoff behaviour.
After 15 min the screensaver kicks in and 1 minute later it just triggers a logoff.

But the settings are configured for a disconnect at 290mins and a logoff after 410mins:

ForceDisconnectOnIdle=dword:00000122 (290) (costum setting)

After some troubleshooting on the issue we came to the conclusion that the settings are not completely configured.
According to RES in Q200818 it is important to define all registry keys which are available for the used RES PowerFuse version in order not to run into a default 1 minute logoff value.

There are 5 settings that must be configured according to the Workspace Manager Admin Guide and 1 extra custom setting we needed and is available on the RES portal

So the final working settings in the registry are:

HKCU\Software\RES\Workspace Manager\
"ForceDisconnectOnIdle"=dword:00000122 (290) (costum setting)

To summarize: All of the settings must be configured to properly enable the mechanism and not get unexpected logoff behaviour.