Restoring deleted items Outlook 2003

Currently I’m administrating an environment with office 2003. In this environment Microsoft Outlook 2003 is used as email client. Some of the users are complaining that they can’t restore there own deleted items once they emptied there recycle bin or “hard deleted” (SHIFT-DELETE) these items. When they try to restore trough Outlook the option Recover Deleted Items’ is greyed out. This screenshots are in Dutch, but you get the picture.

GHZ-Desktop - Citrix XenApp Plugins for Hosted Apps [SpeedScreen On]_2012-07-17_17-02-33


This feature is not enabled by default but can be enabled by editing the local machine registry.

1. Click Start > Run> Type””regedit”  and then click OK.
2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
3. Add an DWORD Value DumpsterAlwaysOn, value 1.

s-mgt03 - Extern bureaublad_2012-07-17_17-08-40

When the user logs off and on again the menu option Recover Deleted Items is enabled.

GHZ-Desktop - Citrix XenApp Plugins for Hosted Apps_2012-07-17_17-23-40

When the user clicks this menu item, the following screen appears, where the user can restore his deleted items.

GHZ-Desktop - Citrix XenApp Plugins for Hosted Apps_2012-07-17_17-21-48

The amount of historic data a user can restore this way depends on a Exchange server setting, Deleted item retention time.