Configuring Windows 2012 Core

Today I want to install and configure an Windows 2012 server, set the ip-address, change the default computer name and make the server a member of my study lab domain.

No problem?
But I want to do all of this in a Windows 2012 Core installation.
Because it is possible!

One of the biggest plus points in the Windows 2012 installation is that PowerShell is installed by default. The new version of PowerShell that is included in Windows 2012 is become more and more advanced. You can do so much with PowerShell. As an admin you can no longer ignore this powerful tool. Get on this train and make this fun and educational train ride.

First we want to know what is the interface index number for the NIC we want to configure.



The output of the command shows that the Interface Index is 12.

To configure the this NIC we execute the following command.

New-NetIPAddress –InterfaceIndex 12 –IPAddress –PrefixLength


To have this server added to our Domain we need to configure this server with the DNS server for our Domain.

Set-Dns-ClientServerAddress –InterfaceIndex 12 –ServerAddress


Windows 2012 creates an random computer name during installation. To change this default name we have to execute the following command.

Rename-Computer W2012-Core

After the rename command the computer has to be rebooted.

The last command we want to execute today is to join W2012-Core to the domain.
Add-Computer –DomainName studie.loc


When command runs you get prompted for the administrator credentials.


When the command is finished you have to restart the server.