Errors VMware export system logs (Workaround)

Errors VMware export system logs (Workaround)

Errors I’ve run into:

-Cannot create a diagnostic bundle

-Missing – Log bundle has not been generated

-vm-support: Tar: write error: Broke pipe, The tar did not successfully complete!

For vmware support i needed to create an export of a esxi host, so I tried to export the system logs.

I’ve run this in Vcenter Server 4.1.0


But after a while watching the Recent Task bar:


The following errors appeared on my screen:



I’ve also tried exporting the System logs by connecting directly to the host, but the same error appears on the screen.

A search on google brought me to the following command: vm-support

First you enable the option Remote Tech Support (SSH) on the configuration tab – Security Profile – Properties on the host.

Putty is the telnet client I used for this, so fill in the hostname and select the option SSH.

Login with your username and password.

Type: vm-support


If you get the error:

Tar: write error: Broke pipe

The tar did not successfully complete!

Then use the other option of vm-support; vm-support -w /vmfs/volumes/datastore (GUID VMFS)

This will write the system logs to a different datastore you named in the command.

To show the datastores connected to your esx host.

Df -h

Locate a datastore that has enough space for 300Mb.

Then use the command: vm-support -w /vmfs/volumes/datastore(guid VMFS)


After it’s completed, it will compress the file to a tgz file, and you can download the file from the datastore using your vsphere client!

All the support logs are created in the tgz file.

This is a workaround, not a solution to the problem.