Microsoft is calling: You're computer is having problems! (Phone scam)

Last week my wife got a call from from a person claiming to be working for Microsoft, and apparently they are receiving reports that there is something wrong with my computer! She told them that she does not need any help because she is married to an IT guy! But today I got the call and it seems it is the same guy because of his Indian accent!  Their phone number is blocked and the person is very pushy! But I thought lets play along!

“Microsoft Guy”: are you working on your computer now?
My answer :Yes.
“Microsoft Guy”: I can see you a running Windows now!
My answer:  Yes (but this is what I was running at the moment:)


Yes a was running a Linux workstation smile-teeth!

He ask me to open a Run box so he could verify the Windows ID and he gave me an command and a ID and I said Yes that’s the one. He also ask me if there where warnings in my log file. I think most people can answer Yes to these questions (with a little help of him)  so it is Yes again.

Then the part where everyone should be suspicious he ask me to open a web site Ammyy and the execute the program to give them full access. This is a legitimate remote access tool but why would a guy from Microsoft use an third party tool when they have there own solution Remote Assistance! This is where a draw the line and went in a discussion with him Because I only activate windows, I never register it [thus never send my phone number out to Microsoft], nor do I give away my phone number easily via the internet). The guy would not send me a email to verify that he is working for Microsoft because my PC is infected pout. He could not give me a phone number to call him back. And he kept on pushing to give him remote control. But when you do give them control this is what probably will happen :

So i told him don’t call us (me) I will call you wink

Do Microsoft personnel really make such calls? I don’t think so! like they would save the world without getting paid for it!

This is a well know scam  to gain access to your computer, to sell you virus repair services or something like that. That they need your permission and your help to gain access and that once they have gained access, if the service is refused , they infect your computer with viruses, so you have to call them back.

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