Tiles not showing on Start Page Windows 2012 using RES Workspace 2012 SR3.


Some users can see their applications as tiles on the start page in Windows 2012 Server, some can’t.

But the applications are visible in the start menu and desktop.

Solution (Workaround):

Every time the desktop was refreshed or rebuild by RES Workspace it should recreate or adjust the file: appsFolder.itemdata-ms


C:\users\%username%\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Windows\ appsFolder.itemdata-ms

C:\users\%username%\ appsFolder.itemdata-ms


If the date is before the date you logged on, the file isn’t/wasn’t adjusted by RES Workspace. You should delete te file and logon again. This makes sure the file is recreated with the right tiles.

* this is a temporary solution until RES fix this in a future version / service release