Internet Explorer 10 group policies not applied? Use GPP.

Internet Explorer 10Recently I had to configure some basic settings in Internet Explorer 10 on our lab environment. After some unfruitful attempts, where settings were not applied, I found out that the client side extension for Internet Explorer Maintenance policies where removed.

Internet Explorer Maintenance Extension

User Configuration PropertiesIf you try to apply Internet Explorer Branding using the Internet Explorer Maintenance Extension the following error is visible in the Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP):

Internet Explorer Branding failed due to the error listed below. The specified procedure could not be found.



Group Policy Preference

Starting with Internet Explorer 10 internet settings in group policy objects (GPO’s) are configured via group policy preferences (GPP) as described in Appendix B: Replacements for Internet Explorer Maintenance.

With this information I figured to be done in 5 minutes but still I had some trouble configuring the settings. Why? Well, since our lab domain controllers run on Windows Server 2008R2 (they need to be updated – Jeroen, *hint*) they have no clue what Internet Explorer 10 (or 9) is.

Group Policy Managent Editor 2008R2

Fortunately I was able to run the Group Policy Management Editor from a Windows Server 2012 machine (Windows 8 with RSAT will do as well), here you can configure settings for Internet Explorer 10 (or 9).
Group Policy Managent Editor 2012