RES Software Partner Focus 2013 Highlights

focus2 Yesterday I’ve attended the RES Software Partner Focus in Amerongen. Overall it was a great day with good technical sessions that brought us up to speed with the new products that RES Software will be launching in February 2014.  It is good to see that RES Software is still busy with evolving their products. They have heard the suggestions we have posted in there UserVoice portal. The main draw for this event is to see the new products and features that RES Software has build.

The guest speaker this year was Vincent Everts, he is a trend watcher and gadget guy. He brought with him an electric car Tesla. He had a funny and informative session.  He showed a video about the CubeStormer II, a machine made with 4 LEGO Mindstorms NXT kits. It solves a 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube which is 5.270 seconds.(including the scan time).

The presentation given by Vincent was al lot of but the public was here to listened to Bob Janssen. First he showed us his vision of how we are going to use the current and future RES Software products.


But after a short break and a presentation by CEO Klaus Besier, Bob was back on the stage. This time showing the new IT Store, and the suite it is apart of. RES Suite 2014. In the afternoon Bob de Kousemaeker and Jasper van Westen showed us more about what is released on February 2014. Sadly I can’t show you more info at this time because the discussed products are still under development.

Besides gaining knowledge about what the future holds for RES Software these sort of events are also great for meeting up with people. Thanks RES Software for a informative and fun event! See you again next year!