How to check if an Citrix PVS vhd is in private access mode from the endpoint.

image Last week  I was altering a Citrix XenApp image at a customer site. The Citrix Provisioning environment is setup to use the VHD files from the D drive from the two virtual Provisioning servers. The customer was ready to deploy this image, just a couple of days before the deployment an extra program needs to be updated.

Within the Citrix Provisioning server I change the disk access mode from standard to private.


After rebooting the target device I want to make sure the end point is in private access mode so my performed changes are saved in the VHD file.

To check the modes of the streamed disk from the endpoint device you should open the file C:\Personality.ini.

2013-11-08 10_25_26-s-ts2004 - Remote Desktop Connection

The value for the variable $WriteCacheType represent the disk mode and the cache type. In the table below you see the different cache type values and what they represent.

0 Private image
1 Server Disk
2 Server Disk Encrypted
4 Hard Disk
5 Hard Disk Encrypted
6 RAM Disk
7 Difference Disk


In the above screenshot the cache type is set to 4, this means that the disk is still in standard access mode. The record for this VHD file has become corrupt. I deleted the record and reentered the record. After this action I was able to successfully change the access mode for this disk to Private.