Citrix – Unable to open internet shortcuts and links from Outlook 2003.

When using: HDX Flash Redirector 1.1.6.

Issue: When Internet Explorer 8.0 is used and you open an internet shortcut (for example from your desktop or Outlook 2003) it doesn’t open in the browser. The cursor indicates the browser is busy but nothing happens.

When the browser is closed and restartedthe page opens in another Internet Explorer window.

If Internet Explorer isn’t active when the link is clicked the page is opened immediately.




Citrix issued a hotfix for this issue;

Download & Install: HDX MediaStream Hotfix HDXFlash110WX86007

“On systems with Fix #LA0307 installed, attempts to open URLs from an email message in a published instance of Microsoft Outlook might fail. Specifically, when an email message in published Outlook contains two links, clicking the first link launches Internet Explorer as expected, but the other link fails to open.”