Dutch Citrix User Group (DuCUG) 2014 Experience



The atmosphere


This year the DuCUG Took place at the Dell Office in Amsterdam. The weather was great, the lunch was well cared for and the tickets were sold out. So it couldn’t be better. I experienced it as a tremendous day with a lot of informative sessions. In this article I will share my highlights of the day.

GPU-accelerated high-end graphics performance in Citrix XenServer / XenDesktop environments by Benny Tritch

GPU-accelerated high-end graphics performance in Citrix XenServer / XenDesktop environments This session was presented by Benny Tritsch (Chief Technology Officer with bluecue consulting). Benny has been working closely with Shaw Bass on testing the new GPU support of Citrix XenServer. Benny presented the possibilities between using different GPU Accelerating solutions on VDI environments. He showed us different example-movies and unbelievable results with these various examples. Some examples even showed better performance on your virtual desktop then a local computer. Read more at Benny’s own website.

SSL Performance deep dive featuring Citrix NetScaler bu Julien Stanojevic & Barry Schiffer

The SSL Performance deep dive featuring Citrix NetScaler session was presented by Julien Stanojevic and Barry Schiffer. In this session they explained how much impact SSL encryption can have on the overall NetScaler performance. Various scenario’s such as 1024 and 2048 bit certificate on a Netscaler VPX or the same 1024 and 2048 bit certificates on a Netscaler appliance were simulated. The result were tremendous. Even when granting more memory to the Netscaler VPX, the performance will not come even rear the performance of the Netscaler MPX or SDX. To read more about the difference of the Netscalers check out the Citrix Product overview site.

PVS is better than MCS, AMD and Intel and VDI Performance, and Other Notes from the field by Andrew Wood

Andrew Wood

CTP Andrew Wood working for Atlantis gives a great presentation about a couple of his theorems. He’s got a great way of presenting (or should I say performing?). With a lot of joke and jet giving very serious information about why PVS should be better than MCS or not. Here a little quote what he discussed at his presentation. “Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS) is one of several options available to Citrix XenDesktop admins for image delivery of virtual desktops and application services. It uses the hypervisor APIs (XenServer, Hyper-V, and vSphere) to create, start, stop, and delete virtual machines. While Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) continues to be a popular choice for image deployment, it is considered a complex solution so many organisations may look to simplify their virtual desktop architecture and implement MCS instead. This is especially true for smaller organisations or environments. Citrix designed MCS to provide many of the benefits of PVS at a lower management cost.” Read more here


Choose-Your-Own-Session (CYOS)BisHcPlIYAAUaff

There were a lot of subscriptions for the Choose-Your-Own-Sessions. There were a lot of votes on the chosen sessions below.

Netscaler and StoreFront troubleshooting 101

CTP Timco Hazelaar gave us a simple but clear presentation about the basic steps of configuring and troubleshooting the Netscaler. Subjects which he treated were “how to configure your NSIP”, “Using VIP” and “which IP used by data-traffic”. It was a nice presentations were you can easily focus on details. unfortunately there was too little time to present the Storefront part of the session.

Goodbye Citrix Application Streaming, welcome App-V 5!

Bram Wolfs showed his self-designed software called App-V 5 Scheduler, which allows you to automatically deploy packages and connection groups. It is possible to schedule these configurations on machine level with a configurable time interval. If you are looking for a solution to deploy packages to users and don’t want to implement the App-V 5 full infrastructure, I would highly recommend looking at this tool. Read more here.

Geek Speak Life by Kees Baggerman, Barry Schiffer and the audience

One of the goals of The Geek Speak Life session was to make it a very interactive session. And Well, It was. The audience was challenged to participate with different discussions. After 10 minutes almost everyone had given their opinion about a topic. The topics went from technical of functional theorems. Now en then the discussions flared up, but a joke brought is back to relaxed atmosphere. Topics like “What do you do if your IT manager gives you an already bought application software and tells you to install it on the environment. You already know the software and you have bad experiences with it.” or Webinterface or Storefront (v1.0, v2.0, v2.2, v2,5”?. There also were 3 Citrix 6.5 IT Cookbooks you could win by giving a useful comment on a Topic, singed by the Author (Esther Barthel).

Steve Sordam