My Expierence at BriForum 2014 London


Last week I had the pleasure to attend BriForum 2014 in London. BriForum is an IT conference with a focus on Server Based Computing and Virtualization in the broadest way. BriForum 2014 London is the 15th BriForum edition in 10 years. It is my second BriForum. I’ve first attended BriForum in 2008 in Chicago IL.

Tuesday may 20th is the first day of BriForum in London. The location is nice, with enough room to host this event, and nearby the London Underground. Here is an overview of the presentation I found the most interesting, and remember this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Opening keynote by Brian Madden.
Brian talks about the state of the industry, and of course about the fact that this the 15th BriForum event in 10 years time.


 Thin Clients – Don’t Believe the Myths. How to Make the Right Decision for Your Company
by Andy Morgan & Shawn Bass

Screenshot 2014-05-28 21.24.21These are two of the fastest talking people I’ve ever met. You’ve got sit at the edge of your seat to make sure you don’t miss something. They talk about the misconceptions that exists about the added values of the use of thin clients. They show their lessons learned about the subject so that the audience can avoid their pitfalls. 

The Mirage Desktop: Or, Why We Abandoned VDI and Went Back to Physical Desktops
Daniel Bolton & Jim Moyle

Screenshot 2014-05-28 21.26.19This is a very informative session. They are showing real live struggles of VDI and what other options there are. Although it is his first time presenting Daniel Bolton does a great job. It was very funny when during the questions somebody asked about the IOPS impact of Mirage. Jim (Mr IOPS) Moyle is just the guy to answer that one.

How Folder Redirection Impacts User Experience and Breaks Applications
Helge Klein & Shawn Bass

Screenshot 2014-05-28 21.25.46 Helge and Shawn talk about the real live impact from folder redirection within RDS and VDI environments. You need to know what you are doing when using folder redirection.

PowerShell’s Desired State Configuration
Jeff Wouters

Screenshot 2014-05-28 21.25.03I’ve seen many sessions and explanations about what one can do with DSC. Most presentations about this subjects are not clear about what you can and can’t do with DSC. This presentation by Jeff is very clear.

On a closing note….
I’ve had a great time at BriForum London. These events are always a great excuse to meet up with the great people that make the community tick.
So here is to the next one.

Thanks to Brian Madden, the presenters and all the other great people that made BriForum London possible. And of course thanks to PepperByte for letting me attend this great event.