How to add a SQL database without the LDF file

SQL-Server-2012 Today I want to add a SQL database to the SQL server in my lab environment. The database I want to add is a sample database that I want to import in my environment to test some query’s.

The download for this sample database only contains a .mdf file and no LDF file (transaction log). When I try to add this database trough the SQL Management Studio I receive an error that the LDF is missing and that because of that the database can’t be added.

I did some Google research to find a way to add this database to my lab environment.
To make this possible I wrote a small TSQL script to add the database to the SQL server in my lab.

USE [master]
EXEC sp_attach_single_file_db @dbname='AdventureWorks2012',

The transaction log is recreated and the database is added to the SQL Management Studio

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