Connect to the Direct Console User Interface from your VMware ESXi 5.5 host with SSH

A few days back I had a minor issue with my VMware host. I wasn’t onsite to get behind the ESX host. There was also not a management network card installed like ILO or any other IP management tool. So my only applications where the vSphere client and Putty SSH Client.

I am a GUI guy and wanted to connect and see the console. So this is what I did.

First you need to enable SSH on the host.
In your vShere client go to the configuration tab your ESX host. Go to the Services Properties and start SSH. You could also set the service to run automatically when the host starts.


After enabling the SSH you can open your SSH client. Which in my case is Putty.
Connect to the host and insert the username and password from the ESX host.


If you are logged on to the host just type DCUI and press enter and you are all done:


Good luck!