E2EVC 2014 Barcelona – day 1

In the next couple days i will share what happens at the E2E virtualization conference in Barcelona.

This blog is about day 1 of the E2EVC.

The first day of E2EVC starts with some announcements.
One of the great announcements was that Carl Webster is now an official E2EVC grandfather.

The sessions on day 1 are mostly sponsor sessions.
I will give you some headlines from these sessions.

Nvidia gave a session about there newest vGPU solutions and the K1 and K2 graphical cards.
As we all now are the user needs for GPU power one of the biggest challenges at this moment.
Nvidia has designed an innovative GPU grid, so you can add GPU power to VM’s.
You can try the nvidia grid for free when you go to nvidia.com/trygrid

A really cool presentation was given by Trond E Haavarstein (@xenappblog).
He showed us his latest work, and demonstrated his latest version of the XenDesktop deployment script.
This script will deploy the complete XenDesktop infrastructure, whether it is an SQL server or a Storefront server it’s all automated.
click here to go to his website.

Also Rob de Korte (an E2ECV grandfather) from RES software gave us a demo, he’s called the demo king because of the amount of demo’s he always give.
The demo was all about RES software’s new IT store, where all kinds of processes easily can be automated.
He showed us how IT store can be used for all kinds of self-service, whether it’s creating a new user, resetting a password or the restart of a server, it’s all possible with IT store.

The last session was Gunnar’s session about SMS passcode.
He showed funny video’s where he explained how easy it is to steal someone’s password and why the access tokens are not secure enough.
With sms passcode you use sms to send a code to the user’s mobile phone, and the software can use geofencing to disable access to the user account from specific area’s in the world.