E2EVC 2014 Barcelona – final day

The last couple days i shared what happened at the E2E virtualization conference in Barcelona.

This blog is about final day of the E2EVC.

We started the morning with a session with our E2EVC grandfather Carl Webster (@carlwebster) and Iain Brighton (@iainbrighton) about the great scripts Carl wrote to easily document your environment.
How they are working on improving the scripts with more performance so the scripts will collect and create the reports much faster.
They also work on a script template which you can use to easily create your own documentation script with the same slick output as Webster’s scripts have. Also the output of the script will be modified as there is now only a way to export it to Microsoft Word or PDF, but the future version will let you export to XML or plain text if you need to.
Iain and some other guys from the community are teaching Carl in how Carl can improve his programming skills to create better and faster scripts.

Next session was about Citrix Netscaler for XenMobile Enterprise presented by Carsten Bruns (@carstenbruns).
In this session Carsten told us about why you definitely need to use a Netscaler when you are implementing a XenMobile environment.
There are other solutions which give you a sort of NetScaler solution, but the best way is to use the specially made wizards on the NetScaler to create the perfect configuration and get the best performance and experience with XenMobile.

E2EVC is a great conference, where experts from all over the world meet each other and share all knowledge that they have.
You meet experts who can and will help you to go the next level in IT.
E2EVC is all about Knowledge and Social networking.

Next E2EVC – June 12-14, 2015. Berlin, Germany