E2EVC 2014 Barcelona – day 0 – Citrix Masterclasses

In the next couple days i will share what happens at the E2E virtualization conference in Barcelona.

This blog is about day 0 of the E2EVC where we got some cool Citrix masterclasses.

The first masterclass of the day was presented by Karen Sciberras (@XMtipster) about XenMobile 9.0
She started with information about the new features within this new version.
You can read all about these features at: http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/xenmobile/xmob-understand-whats-new.html

After that, we got a deep dive into the core of all XenMobile components.
How to build it and how to troubleshoot it.

When you have problems with the Certificates, you can go to xenmobiletools.citrix.com (use your “my citrix” account to login) or go here for the extra technical information.

A good tip from Karen was how you can get the best debug information by using http instead of https because of the ssl encrypted information.
An other good tip were the new MDX policies which is a new feature within XenMobile 9.0
When you’re having unknown errors, there could be a MDX policy which causes it.

The second masterclass was given by Mick Glover (@XDtipster) about XenDesktop 7.5/7.6

Mick Glover gave an overview about the new and improved features within the new XenDesktop version.
After that he took us into the FlexCast management architecture (FMA).
He explained the difference between MCS and PVS, and when you use them.
You can learn more about the new features in PVS when you click here.

There is a free training available to learn all about the new FMA 7.6, when you click here.

The third masterclass was given remote by Ronan O’brien (@obrienronan) about NetScaler
There are several ways to configure the NetScaler.
You can use the webinterface and configure all components (for example the NSIP/SNIP/MIP/VIP).
It’s possible to use SSH to get into the console of the NetScaler and configure all components and get some extra information about the components.
When you use an SDX you can easily copy and past configurations from one VPX to an other, so you don’t have to repeat all configuration steps for VPX’s with the same configuration.

Okay that was an outline about day 0 @ E2Evc