Adobe Issues: Checkout sharepoint message and problems with saving pdf files from outlook

In our environment we had several security issues after an upgrade from Adobe reader from 10 to 11.

One of these was that users were given a check-out message when they open a PDF file from our SharePoint environment . The following screen appeared. Where if you don’t watch out and click to fast you will check out the file instead of opening it.

Adobe checkout1


The problem in this case is the SharePoint integration. You can simple solve this with the following registry adjustment:

1. Open the registry.
2. Go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\\\FeatureLockDown.
3. Create a key called cSharePoint.
4. Create a DWORD value called bDisableSharePointFeatures.
5. Set its value to 1.

Another problem was that it was not possible to save pdf files from Outlook. The following screen appeared when:

• When one opened a PDF file directly from Microsoft Outlook and wanted to save.
• When the pdf message was displayed in the preview pane

Adobe saving pdf error2

Workaround :

A simple work around is to not open de pdf attachment. Just click it with the right mouse button and save the file on a location of your choice.


  • When the pdf message was displayed in the preview pane Outlook reads the file and keeps it open.                Disable Microsoft Outlook 2010 attachment preview pane.settings preview pane outlook3To do this, go in Outlook to “File -> Options > Trust Center -> Trust Center Settings… -> Attachment Handling” and enable the option to “Turn off Attachment Preview”. Or choose to disable PDF Preview Handler
  • For saving the PDF file when it is directly opend from Microsoft Outlook.
    Turn off the Protected Mode In Adobe, go to Edit -> Preferences -> General, uncheck Enable Protected Mode at Startup.Newer versions
    In Adobe, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Security (Enhanced), uncheck Enable Protected Mode at Startup.

In our case, users have no rights to change the settings in adobe. We did a MST edit using the adobe customization wizard. With this adobe tool you can customize the Acrobat installer and application features prior to deployment. After the adjustments we pushed the new version to our clients.