Lync 2013 Full client installation using a MSP

This blog is about the installation of the Lync 2013 Full client (part of the Office 2013 installation).

– Introduction
– Using OCT
– OCT/MSP bugs and fixes (Lync only installation problem)


When you want to install the full version of Lync 2013 client instead of the Lync basic client version, you have to use the Office 2013 installation media.
This is because the Lync Full client is now part of the Office suite and therefore not available as separate installation anymore, as it used to be.

Because there are enough reasons to not upgrade the whole office suite to version 2013, you have to create an MSP file with OCT (Microsoft Office Customization Tool).
For the most IT professionals the OCT isn’t new, but for those who are new to OCT i will explain the basics of it.

Using OCT

1. Unzip the Office 2013 ISO to a folder
2. Download the admin pack
3. run the admin pack installer
4. copy the “admin” folder from the admin pack to the root of the Office 2013 folder (as done in step 1.)
5. start a command prompt (cmd.exe) and browse to the office 2013 folder.
6. start setup.exe /admin
7. OCT starts and will show you what products are available
8. Choose your office 2013 version
9. Configure at least the Setup section and Features section (! change the programs under “Remove previous installations” to remove none !)
10. save the file (it will save the MSP file to the updates folder from your office 2013 installation folder, DO NOT CHANGE THAT)

These are the basics. When you run setup, it will use the MSP file from the updates folder and install only Lync.

OCT/MSP bugs and fixes (Lync only installation problem)

When you run the exact download and order from the previous 10 steps, you will get a good MSP with no problems.

The reason that i write this blog is that if you created the MSP file with an older version of the OCT, the setup will only install the Office 2013 Upload Center.

All OCT version before version 28-06-2014 will fail the installation.
When you created the MSP with one of these older versions, download the new OCT (
 and replace the current admin folder with the new version.
start setup.exe /admin and choose to create a new customization file.
Then goto menu file -> import and choose your existing MSP.
Save the file and you will see that the MSP file will grow about 8kb.

For some reason the older OCT doesn’t add the Lync installation information to the MSP file.