Uninstalling software with RES Automation Manager produces unexpected results.

A customer asked what options are there to uninstall software using RES Automation Manager. In this case he wanted to remove Java 64bit.
I explained how you can uninstall software by using the GUID of the package and how you can read that GUID from a remote server.

Sometime later, the server from which he thought he uninstalled Java 64bit, was no longer responding to Citrix Sessions.
As it turned out, RES Automation Manager did not uninstall the Java 64bit package but removed Citrix HDX TS (retail).

It became clear there was a GUID ID mismatch in what RES AM read from the server and what was uninstalled.
When I checked the GUID ID using the uninstall function in RES AM on the remote server, the result for Java GUID was this below

But when I looked in the registry of that remote server, that GUID above referred to another software package, see below.

And the correct GUID for Java 64bit is listed below.

How could this be? So it looked like there was one entry missing from what RES AM reads from the remote server.

I submitted a support case at RES Software and they asked if I could perform a Get-WmiObject Win32_Product and compare the results.


It turned out to be a problem with how RES AM interprets special characters and symbols used in product names.
For example in this case the proofing tools for the French language was named:
Outils de v?rification linguistique 2013 de Microsoft Office?- Fran?ais

In the RES AM console that name is split in two and the position of the product names and GUID are mixed up.

Example for wrong entry:

Short term solution:

RES Software created a custom version of the console and now the entry is displayed as follows:

And also Java now has the correct GUID

Final Solution:

RES confirmed the issue is not going to be fixed in RES Automation Manager 2014 but only from RES ONE Automation 2015 SR1
Therefore be advised. Always double check the GUID versus the Product Name when you want to remove a package with RES AM